There are many server side slide shows available under the Public Domain license, but none JSP based. The goal for this project is not only what features to implement, but also how: flat learning curve for joining the project; easy deployment; object oriented, feature rich, well supported, multi-platform language / technology with future.

The latest version of KISS consists only of three files:

index.html creates two vertical frames, dirInfo.jsp and content.jsp
dirInfo.jsp shows the directory tree under a superfolder that contains all files for the web client to view
content.jsp Shows either the images of the selected folder. The user can subsequently step through all images by pressing buttons near the image.


The first time the user hits the website in a session, she sees a folder tree in the left frame and no image yet, but only horizontal arrows in the right frame. She can then click on a folder and the first image of that folder is loaded into the right frame. Clicking on the arrows allows stepping through the entire folder.


How to make this slide show work under Apache Tomcat:

Last updated January 5, 2004 by Gunni