Action Groups

Center for Cooperative Research
Centre for Research on Globalization
Crude Vision
Necrocapitalist: Beyond Pollution & Numbness & Conformity & Duty
state of nuclear threat
truthout, News Politics
From The Wilderness Publications
Environmentalists Against War

Acoustic Microscopy

US customs

U.S. Customs - Importing & Exporting
U.S. Customs - Office Locations
U.S. Customs Service

Visa issues

American Immigration & Citizenship Resources
Grimm German immigrant, Zurlohe US genealogy
Immigration Counselors
Immigrant Green Card visas , Immigration and Naturalization forms and applications Service Center
USINS INS Internet Home Page
US Non-immigrant Visas
Business Plan Software by the Planning People
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology
Phoenix ISL Links to other WWW Sites Relating to Ultrasonics/NDT
SBA - PRO-Net - What is PRO-Net?
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
Small Business Development Centers
Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center - SBDC
Ultrasonic testing - National Testing Laboratory Directory

Business and Finance

Career Center
Finance Directory
Gartner Group Interactive
Market and Sell
Personal Finance Channel
Postage Center
Real Estate Directory
Small Business Directory
How to File a Wage Claim
Motorcycle insurance PSIC One Spot

Computers and Internet

Hardware companies


Aprotek Home Page
Ampro Computers, Inc.
Flash Memory Components
Journal of PC/104 Controlled Systems
PC/104 Product Database
RTD CMi386sx33 PC/104 cpuModule®
Solid State Disk (SSD) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
WinSystems PC/104 Products

Shop Acer Home Page
Acer Taiwan
Welcome to AMD
AMD- Non-Volatile Devices
Welcome to America II Electronics, Inc. I.Cs and Semiconductors Page
Anthem Home Page
Atlantic Memory
APS Tech: The Data Storage & Backup Experts
Chip directory
Chip directory, flash
Circuit Specialists, Inc -- Online Catalog
On-Line Journal of Computer Controlled Systems
Creative Labs: Americas Home
Diamond Multimedia: Homepage
eBay Computers
The Editor's Guide to the Buyer's Guide: The Bright Spots
Welcome to emachines -
Epson Home/Office Products
Gateway, computer documents
Geek Travel
HardwareCentral - Subjects
Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
Insight-Computing Products
Welcome to Intel
HSC Electronic Supply -- How to Contact Us
Jameco Electronics - computer memory company
Kingston Technology Corporation
Kingston Exclusive Program From Insight
LaCie - made for ideas
Max Computer Station Online Store
Motorola Power Products Division Homepage
Micro Express MicroFlex
Mustek USA Home Page
Oak Technology (graphic chips, cards)
home of PCMCIA cards, readers, and mobile computing needs (flash, SRAM, digital cameras, router, memory, CD-ROM, CD-R, etc.)
QuestLink Technology: Home
Regal Components product linear sensor 9600 series
Ricoh Corporation
Welcome to Sony Computing
SuperVoice/Customer Support
Test Equipment Solutions Today Home Page
Tseng Labs Downloadable Software
Need inkjet refill? Universal ink, toner refilling kits.
Can I use USB in NT? - VirtualDr Support Forums - Welcome
Welcome To ViewSonic!
Quality Electronic Test Equipment from Bell Electronics - 56k v.92 PCI modems, 56k v92 modems, cable modems, PCMCIA modems
Single Board Computer-XScale and StrongARM Embedded Systems By Applied Data
Welcome to First Contact Engineering

Hardware info

Accurate Time
Having troubles with Windows 95 and your AMD 350
Cable Modem Basics
Chip directory
CompuVest - A Division of Intervest Pacific, LLC. - Personal computer hardware and software upgrades at discount prices.
Digital Cameras: Digital Photography Review: News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ
Don't Do It Yourself PacBell DSL Page
Report : The GPS (Glossary)
The Graphic Accelerator Guide
Hard Disk Drives - Best Prices
industrial and military computing - can, process control, industrial computing.
Welcome to!
ModemHelp: Support for modems
PCMCIA Home Page
Scanners Merchants: CNET 56K V90 External Modem w/Speaker Phone
Thomas Regional Industrial Directory - cnc machine work, fasteners, plastic fabrications, metal fabricators, valves, welding, contractors, abrasives, repairing, construction
World Wide Phone Guide
GSM World - the website of the GSM Association
PCI Vendor and Device Lists

ISP's Mail : Free Electronic Mail Service
britbizdb.FP3 - New Record Service by Home Page - Sign Up Now! It's FREE!
Elite.Net Basic Rates - Web Hosting Resources, Articles, Tip & Tricks and much more
Package Comparison // Web Hosting - ForSite Web Services, Inc.
Free Email Address Directory : Your guide to free email and much, much more!
HostForce | Virtual Hosting Packages
Internet Service Providers, Inc., Internet Access and Web Presence Providers
Pacific Bell
Pacific Bell Network - Contact Us
pair Networks - Services and Pricing
PennyHost - Domain Name Query ("WhoIs")
Got Bandwidth? | DSL | WareNet's DSL Services
Web Hosting Services - Low Cost
Web Hosting Comparison by Price, Disk Space and Traffic allowance
Web Hosting Magazine - Get ICQ instant messenger, chat, people search and messaging service!
Yahoo! - Email Verification
Pacific Coast Net
India Network Services, Inc... Domain Registration in Hassle Free Environment
Just say ixna! - The best free email alternative on the web!
Yahoo! Groups


Subscription Confirmed
scguild Information Page - Günter Fuchs

Netscape links

Computing Channel
Free Software
Hardware Channel
Shareware Directory



Chess Space - Chess Space
DSB - Links zum Thema Schach
Kasparov vs Deep Blue
The REBEL home page


DSP Engineering
dspGuru: DSP Central
DSP Software Catalog


BYTE Magazine
C/C++ Users Journal Web Site
Computer Currents Interactive
Computer Currents On-Line Dictionary
Dr. Dobb's Web Site
Embedded Systems Programming--the Magazine
Microtimes Homepage Issue #202, December 14, 1999 - Home
Network Computing the place for info on infrastructure, WAN, remote access, systems, management, collaborative, messaging, groupware, OS, NOS, security, middleware
TechWeb -- The Technology Super Site
ZD Journals - Home Page news, trends and advice for CIOs and IT executives
The Register
TechSpot | Serving PC users for over half a decade


Welcome to Arcsoft
COMPUTERCRAFT Shows You How To Upgrade and Repair PCs
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
CyberResearch World Wide Web Site
Data Recovery. Software. Services. Welcome to Ontrack!
DaveCentral Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
Embedded Systems Conference HomePage
Eskimo Home Page
Fortner Software - The Science Data Experts
Galileo Informatica - File Libraries
GIFWorks! Free Online GIF eTools
Independent JPEG Group
Leap Year / Leap Day
ftp of
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oakland University's Software Repository
Opamp Technical Books - Online Catalog
Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware and Freeware Software Distribution Network
Welcome to QBS
roxio | DirectCD
Directory of /pub/simtelnet
SLIP Protocol Overview
Sony Computer Products In Europe - Download Area / Drivers
TDS Global Supportcenter - Your guide to Software, Hardware and Driver links Home Page
TechWeb -- The Technology Super Site
The user's net.resource guide
Utilities from TU Munich
Your free source for Windows Shareware, Windows Freeware, Demos and More.
Programming for Linux and zOS Mainframes
IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

Operating Systems


Caldera's eDesktop User's Guide Chapter 3 - Installation in Depth
Caldera Systems, Inc. - Linux for eBusiness
Directory of /pub/redhat/linux/7.2/en/os/i386
FreeOS - The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
ibiblio open source archive and news
Parallel Port Scanners under Linux
LhD Driver eepro100.c : Intel EtherExpress NIC driver - A Means to World Liberation!
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Hardware Database
linux help and news - Home
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Linux with LAptop Computers - LiLAC
Linux on Laptops
Linux Online - Linux on a Laptop
Linux on the Road Home
MobiliX - Mobile Computers and UniX | Red Hat Linux

Inspiron 4000

Dell Inspiron 4000 with RedHat 7.1 seawolf
Inspiron 4000 with Linux (RH 7.0)
Inspiron 4000 with Linux (RH 7.0)
Linux on a Dell Inspiron 4000
Linux on a Dell Inspiron 4000
Matt's Dell Inspiron 4000 Linux Page
Yahoo! Groups : linux-dell-laptops
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA
Feature: HowTo Upgrade To The 2.6 Kernel


Micrium, Home of uC/OS RTOS and uC/GUI Embedded GUI
Vivace Networks, Inc

Windows 95

Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!

Windows NT

Misc /mirrors/winsite/winnt/programr/
Hooking Windows NT System Services
Index of /downloads/ntsp5
Windows NT Workstation Home Page

drivers (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) -
SoftHelp NT 4.0 Drivers Page


ATI Technologies Inc. - World Leader in GRAPHICS ACCELERATION
ATI Windows NT Drivers
Graphic Cards Driver Space


56K.COM - 56K Modem Init Strings and Drivers
The Driver Zone Message Board
Welcome to BTC Taiwan
HELP!!! HSP Modem Speed Problems eMachines and games
Installing a K56 Flex, PnP modem to Windows NT 4
Modem/Fax Driver Discussion Forum
The Official 56K Modem Web Site
RADICOM: Download Software
Re: Rockwell modem nightmare!
Welcome to the ModemPages Web Site
Zoltrix (USA)
Zoom Telephonics: Support Files
3D SPOTLIGHT - Full Guide to OS Dual Booting



Advanced Software Technologies - Winners of Best new OO tool in 97
ANSI C Specification
The Association of C & C++ Users
__ #C++ Website __
comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ
Welcome to Computer Associates
DevShed Forums - powered by vBulletin
Embedded Systems Programming -
Experts Exchange, the #1 IT Professional Collaboration Network on the Web.
The Official Euphoria Programming Page - News, Free Downloads
Joe Garrick's Home on the Web
Keil Software (8051)
Phar Lap Software Inc.
A Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
Programmer's Paradise
Randall Hyde
SAP AG [Homepage]
Sax Comm Objects
SDS Compiler Solutions: CrossCode
About Shareware & Freeware (Software for PCs and Macs)
SNAFU.ORG (individual programmer's website)
The Standard Function Library
TeamOne - Agentur für Technische Dokumentation
Jext - Free Software (as in free beer) Source Code Editor
The Ten Commandments for C Programmers (Annotated Edition)


Borland Online
Borland Product Newsgroups
Borland's Technical Information KnowledgeBase

Web Development


DevEdge Online - Documentation & Information
HTML Goodies - Home Page
HTML Tag Quick Reference Guide
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents
NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
SELFHTML (HTML-Dateien selbst erstellen)
W3C HTML Home Page
SELFHTML 8.0 (HTML-Dateien selbst erstellen)


Java Applets, Flash Animations and Movies, and Web Utilities by, Inc.
The Java Tutorial
JSP Tutorial
Pixels Web Works JavaScript For Beginners - Introduction
Script 3.14 J2EE Community - News, Patterns, Reviews, Discussions, Articles, Books.
The Swing Connection
WDVL: JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
Kevin Jones's Personal Web Page
O'Reilly Network: Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Java(TM) Boutique - Free Java Applets, Games, Programming Tutorials, and Downloads - Applet Categories
Focus on Java
JavaMail API - FAQ


Emerging Standards for Alternative Devices
arachnoid: Physics teacher's website
Sausage Software - HotDog Web Editors - HotDog Professional, HotDog PageWiz, HotDog Junior and SuperToolz
Richard Bowles' Home Page
Netdictionary -- HTML version
CPAN comprehensive Perl | Die Community für Perl PHP CGI Apache MySQL und Javascript
Python Language Website
VoiceXML Forum
WAP Forum Specifications
WAP forum slide
WCSC Start Page
Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Encyclopedia of Web Design Tutorials, Articles and Discussions
Many links to information and resources for XML Login Project Info - Kompakt Internet Slide Show (KISS) jspslideshow Project: Admin: FRS: Releases

local JSP apps

Apache Tomcat/4.1.24
Gunni's Website

Web Services

ERP applications embrace Web services
ISFree - An ISP billing, accounting, ticket, and server controll system.
Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)
XMethods - Web Service Listings


Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ Home Page

Visual Basic - Abacus
Caladonia's VB Tools for Developers
FMS - Microsoft Access and VB Add-ins and Related Resources
Programming the IntelliMouse from 32-bit VB
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Progress Software: Crescent Division-Product Info
 Inside Visual Basic / Home Page 
Stjepan Puljko's Visual Basic Scripts
Gary Beene's VB Information Center VB Tutorial - Database Overview
ADO Data Control - Introduction : : Developer Fusion : : Free VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP, XML tutorials and source code
ASPXtreme Web WorkShop: ADO Primer
Ingenuware - Visual Basic ActiveX Components, Games, and More!
Components Suite
ImpulseStudio is a suite of activex components

Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microsoft
HTML Version of dirmap.txt on
Mabry Software's Home Page
Microsoft Personal Support Center from Product Support Services
MSDN Online Search
microsoft ftp
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive! Mailing Lists
Free Trial

National Instruments

LabVIEW WWW sites
National Instruments

Texas Instruments

Tool Folder: C5000 PC Code Composer Studio
Digital Think Course Information
A1 DSP/Veclib - Super Optimized Digital Signal Processing (DSP Library) for TMS320C4x / TMS320C3x from Sinectonalysis, COTS, embedded, realtime, TMS320C40, TMS320C30, optimized, C40, C44, C30, C31, C32, sonar, radar, speech, sound, acoustics. DSP Library for TMS320. DSP libraries for TMS320C40. DSP libraries for TMS320C30. TMS320C3x DSP library. TMS320C4x DSP library. TMS320C31 DSP Library. TMS320C32 DSP library. TMS320 DSP Libraries
DSP : TMS320C5000 Platform : TMS320C54x DSP Generation
Precision Digital Images-Imaging Tutorials
Precision Digital Images-Imaging Tutorials / Understanding the TI DSP Development Environment
Texas Instruments Welcomes You
TI Training


Software Development Conference and Expo
Stanford CourseList
UC Berkeley Extension -- Adult Education
UCR - Dept. of Computer Science
UCSC Extension | Welcome
Computer Science Lab Home Page: Learn Computer Programming

Local Router Login

Directories Directories
BellSouth-Real WhitePages
Find Celebrities
GTE SuperPages
Home Pages Directory
Netscape Yellow Pages
People Finder
YellowPages AtHand



Arrowfest Silicon Valley
Celebrities Channel
Discovery Health aktuelle edCARDS und Cybercards kostenlos verschicken. Über 2.000 Edgar-Karten, Freecards kostenlos digitale Postkarten E-Cards und edCARDS gratis. Grösstes Freecard Angebot Deutschland, mit Gewinnkarten, Responseaktionen, Sammlerservice, Fun und Entertainment.
ET Online community
Insults, Insulting Jokes And Insult Humor -
Movies Channel
The Nitpickers Site
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
Rolling Stone Network
Villa Montalvo: Events Schedule
deviantART; gurrilla
City of Mountain View Public Library

News and Sports


eBay Sports football, live scores, news, match reports and statistics, fantasy game, betting tips and odds, fixtures, sports merchandise, link to official Manchester United site.
Gillette Soccer
jamaican soccer
Planet Soccer - Main Page
Sports Channel
FIVB Official Volleyball Rules
Industrial Volleyball League, Inc.



eIndia - This is India
The Week
The Telegraph - Calcutta
The Times of India
A-Infos: Anarchist News Service
Business Journal
Welcome to E! Online
EMedia Magazine
Entertainment News - the dot-com deadpool
Global Policy Forum: Home Page
Guardian Unlimited
indymedia germany | unabhängiges medienzentrum | 21.03.2003 / 20:40
Welcome to Mercury Center
Mercury News Consumer Information Services
Music News Directory
News24 (South Africa)
News Channel
News and Media Directory
Philadelphia Independent Media Center: a collective of journalists and independent media organizations
SF Chronicle
SFNA - Home Delivery - Subscriptions
taz, die tageszeitung
San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center
MDN: News on Japan as it happens
Workers World online
United for Peace

Pacific News Service


Welcome to Century Theatres - The International InternetOnly TV Network
Movies @ - Movies, movie reviews, movie showtimes, trailers, previews and more...
Movies and Tickets
movie review
Movie Reviews, DVD and Home Video -- Apollo Movie Guide
NBCi - Home
Palo Alto Online: Movies
Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View
DVD Rental - Fast Easy Flexible - Rent DVD Online From The Best - Rentmydvd


Internet Radio
Internet Radio Live
KPIG Radio Online - Radio Revolution
Netscape Radio - Radio
MDR Sputnik - Programm
MusicMatch Jukebox Digital Audio Software: Record, Download, Organize and Play .mp3 and .wma
SFB 4 Radio MultiKulti
Snippets for audio developers - Entrance
The Band: Audio Files
Wav Central: Wav Files and Sound Files Database
Welcome to WINAMP.COM | Home
93.3 The Wave
SFGate: Entertainment: List of Bay Area Radio Stations Your Hawaiian Music and Entertainment Website
Welcome to the Supreme Beings of Leisure Official Website featuring "Divine Operating System"
Bayern 3 - Live hören
Guerrilla Funk
eye - Burning Bush - 06.13.02
Native American Music , Native American News, Native American Radio
Sean-Nós Nua by Sinead O'Connor
Monsoon Wedding by Original Score
The Rough Guide to the Music of Turkey by Various Artists
The Other Side by Hevia
World 2002 by Various Artists
Sya by Issa Bagayogo
Aye by Angélique Kidjo
Big Drum: Small World by Dhol Foundation
Mas Mambo Mania: More Kings and Queens of Mambo by Various Artists


Ripping Science and Fiction! All the headlines! The Home of the Lensman and Dyason!
City of Mountain View Public Library
Sunnyvale library
Science Cartoons Plus -- The Cartoons of S. Harris


Four Seasons Online: 1163 S. De Anza Blvd<br><font color=#FF0000>Earn Double WaiterPoints</font>, San Jose
Golden Wok Restaurant Online: 5261 Prospect Rd., San Jose
Aloha Family Restaurant San Jose, CA



AT&T | India Horizons
INDIAWORLD: India on the Internet
Surf India
The Indian Techonomist - VSNL and the Internet
The Official Web Site of the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd., India
Indian Railways Online
Consulate General of India Home Page


Bicycling in Indiana
bicycling web sites - groups
Bike to Work!
Calif Bicycle Coalition Home Page
Cyber Cyclery -- the internet bicycling hub -- for bicycle riders around the world!
East Bay Bicycle Coalition
SVBC Home Page
The WWW Bicycle Lane


1 - Stop Embassies and Consulates Search
BeyondWork - Free employee discount products and services, discount movie vouchers, ski lift tickets, theme park tickets, vacation packages
California Dreaming - Shopping Mall and Entertainment
Cathedral Hill Hotel - San Francisco - Instant Online Reservations
City Creek Inn
Consulate General of India Home Page
Costa Rica Embassy
Embassy of Costa Rica
Germany Online - German Embassy - German Information Center
Historic Preservation of Palo Alto
Innovative Travel Services, Inc. - An Internet Travel Agency
Intercity News
Mall4all - One stop Shop
Mapblast! BlastOff
Maps Directory
Welcome To!
City of Milpitas, California, Plans and Ordinances, General Plan
City of Mountain View Home Page
Leisure Planet
Local Channel
On-Line Reservations * Business Travel * Leisure Travel * Meeting Incentives * Travel Resources
Online Traveler's Guide To Santa Cruz County, California
Outdoors Directory
Recycling Program: Recyclopedia
Regional Directory
County of Santa Clara Web Server
SMA Airport Parking
Travel Directory
US customs
Vicinity Home Page
Western Region Headquarters Home Page (weather)
World Directory
... VRBO Vacation Rentals by Owner ... Your Source for Moving and Relocation Services - Self Storage facilities on line.
ABC Innerspace Self Storage, Stanford, Mountain View, Mt View, Palo Alto Mini Storage
Computer Recycling Center | Computers and Education
City of Mountain View - Garbage and Recycling
World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts and Figures
Wetter Online Kopenhagen Dänemark
Michael Martin - Die Wüsten Afrikas
Hamburg Hamburg Auto und Verkehr
EPC plc Euro Parking Collection


The City of San Mateo: PARKS AND RECREATION: Locations
Santa Clara County Parks
Cal-Parks: Welcome to California State Parks
Counties Close-Up
CSAC Home Page
GORP - Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California. Hiking, biking, skiing, windsurfing, birding, scenic driving, history and more.
List in National Parks Travel Guide home page
Explore the Web with Benny Goodsport!
National Parks and Conservation Association
Welcome to - Yosemite Area Traveller Information
Stanislaus National Forest
Sunnyvale California - Official City Web Site
La Colina Park



Maui index page
Virtually Hawaii: Virtual Field Trips

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Airline Consolidator
Bay Area Transit Information
British Airways
C&C SF | San Francisco International Airport
DB Reise&Touristik - Special offers for non-European Travelers
Delta SkyLinks Home Page
The Greyhound Internet Station
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
Mapblast! BlastOff
Northwest Airlines WorldWeb Homepage
RIDES On-line
Ryanair Hotels - The Low Fares Airline
C&CSF | San Francisco Municipal Railway Home Page
Welcome To The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Sixt Online Reservierung: Wählen Sie Ihre Mietwagen
Kuwait Airways
Option Car Rental - Car rental:Frankfurt Hahn,Ramstein,Kaiserslautern,Hahn
Mitfahrzentrale - Mitfahrgelegenheiten und Fahrgemeinschaften europaweit im Internet
Welcome to Virgin Atlantic


MediaGlobe (Franken)
SIS Erlangen - Inhalt
Stadt-Informations-System (SIS) - Nürnberg


Alyeska Resort
Bay Area Ski Connection, Ski Area Comparison
BaseCamp Lodge- Bear Valley, California - The worldwide guide to ski resorts and mountain sports - over 2000 ski areas!
SkiCentral - Lodging - California
The Wave Magazine - The Bay Area's Best Ski & Entertainment Magazine... Ever.
Inn at Heavenly Country Bed & Breakfast -- Lake Tahoe Cabins and Lodging


SAA > Learning/Travel > Stanford in the Sierra > Alpine Chalet
SAA > Learning/Travel > Stanford in the Sierra > Alpine Chalet
Alpine County, California, Home Page
Alpine County Chamber of Commerce
Big Bear Lake California
Big Bear Lake Lodging - Places To Stay in the Big Bear Valley
Big Bear Mountain Resort Rentals
California mountain vacations lake resort and cottage rentals: Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort, Upper Lake
Caples Lake Resort
Camp Tamarack in the Sierra
Lake Tahoe vacation rental Mountain View & Riverfront Bed and Breakfast
Lazy Z Resort - Cabin Tour
Lodging Camp One Yosemite National Park
Mariposa Co., CA, California Hotels, Mariposa Co., CA, California Lodging, and Mariposa Co., CA, California Motel Reservations
Pinecrest Chalet
Sorensen in Kirkwood
Cedar Lodge Resort


Home Exchange (dot) com Aalborg The premier international home exchange system.
Ungdomsinformationen - Housing
Royal Danish Embassy - Washington, D.C.
DSB: Journey Planner
Apartment for rent in Copenhagen - Flat rental in Copenhagen - Holiday rental - lejlighed
Santa Clara Self Storage
flyrejser => <=
Wonderful Copenhagen - Swimming
Danske Bank
Camping in Denmark - Interhike


B&B Style Personalized Reservations - Napa Valley
California Wine Country<BR><P> Sonoma<BR><P>Information Page
Sonoma Wine Sonoma Wineries Sonoma Dining Sonoma Lodging Sonoma Events Sonoma County
Sonoma County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Lodging - Napa Valley, Sonoma, Bodega Bay and Santa Fe
Livermore Valley Winegrowers Assoc.
WineZone ~ Napa Valley, Sonoma & Bodega Bay



California - Product Information - Pharmacy - Mail Service Order Form
Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Palo Alto, Fremont, Los Altos, Portola Valley and Redwood Shores
VSP Home Page


CacheVision - Employment
Job search-job search engine-Job Search Online best sites for JOBS - Search Engine on Indian IT and Computer Industry
Assure - Focussed Software Skills Recruitment Company for USA and India Companies - India's largest jobs, careers and employment portal. Over 50000 live jobs
CRV Consultants Pvt Ltd
Hexaware Technologies Der große europäische Karriereleiter
Semiconductor Jobs
KIT List - Helping great people find great jobs
Yahoo! Groups : KITlist-Tech
Microsoft Careers Home
Juniper Networks : Jobs


Amateur Astronomers Association
arachnoid: Physics teacher's website
Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
Birthday Greeting Cards, Free E-cards, Christmas cards, egreetings, Anniversary card, Miss U, Love, Invitation, Festival cards from dgreetings.
The British Library - India Office Select Materials
Department Of Motor Vehicles
Indiatimes - E-Greetings
Environmental Defense - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Galaxy of the Month
Garden Structures Color Photo Index
Andrew's Summary of Commonly Observed U.S. Holidays
Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia
jobs in science
Made In Japan - Made in the USA, 169 Commercial St, Sunnyvale, CA
Meeting Maker Introduction Page
Oregon State University College of Science
Oregon State University Marine Geology
Welcome to Parca
Patricia Seybold Group (business advice)
PG&E - Establishing Service And Credit
Plain talk about technology
ROBERTO DELPIANO's photography and graphic web site
Staatlicher Hochbau
TRAC: Telecommunications Research & Action Center
Popular Woodworking Magazine
Online Translators
USPS International Calculator
Home Page - Self Service Center, Superior Court of Santa Clara County
Home of KB6RDS and K6KBE


InvestorGuide: Credit - credit card deals, applying, checking or fixing your rating...
InvestorGuide - The Leading Guide to Investing on the Web
InvestorGuide: Loans and Debt
Karl's Mortgage Calculator

Personal Toolbar Folder

Pangea Web mail
Netscape Mail
Yahoo! Mail
Just say ixna! - The best free email alternative on the web!
Customer Service
World Clock

Ask Jeeves
Netscape Search
Welcome to Lycos
WebCrawler Searching
US SEARCH the one-stop access to records and information
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles; Computer Science]
The National Address Server
Metor Search
The Ultimate Directory -
Infoseek, complete business to business directory
Excite Home
dot com directory
Find web businesses
BigYellow: Your Yellow Pages on the Web
AltaVista Search: Main Page - 37 Search Engines!
Telephone Prefix Search in Area Code 702



AltaVista buying info: The Data Compression Book
back country equipment
Bay Area Classifieds
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Brehm Vineyards: Fine Wine From Fine Grapes.
CoolSavings Coupons
craigslist | motorcycles/scooters in south bay area
Cycle Highway - Motorcycle Directory - Motorcycles - Bikers - Harley - Sportbikes - Crotchrockets - Parts - Reviews - Helmets - Leathers - Gloves - Tires - Dallas, TX Auctions
Fine Gifts and Housewares
Free Forum Freebies
vermont garden shed
JC Whitney - Shop the largest online selection of parts and accessories for your car, pickup, motorcycle, Jeep, sport compact, SUV, RV and more.
Music Boulevard
Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine
The Rosetta Stone - Language Learning Software
San Francisco Area Motorcycle Shops (and Infomonger MC Page)
Search for books and compare prices at
Shutterfly Fact File: Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories sells vacuum cleaner bags, vacuum cleaner belts, hoses and parts. Also, shaver parts, Cuisinart parts and coffee maker parts!
Touratech USA
Tracer Technologies: Noise Reduction, Microphones, CD Recording,PC Audio hardware and software.
Transparent Language - Language Learning Software for Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Hebrew, and More
Welcome to
Refrigerator - White, 18.6 cu ft, Works Fine (Pics in Ad)

Computers / Electronics

Axiontech Technologies, High Performance, Low Prices
BUYCOMP.COM - The Computer Superstore
CD Dimensions
Circuit Deal
Computer Peripherals - Home Page
Computer Shopper
CompuVest On-line
Digital Audio Sound Cards |
EquipMatching - used equipment surplus machinery secondhand machines spare parts
Essential Computer
Hewlett Packard Shopping
HITACHI: store
J&R - The Internet's Largest Home Entertainment & Computer MegaStore
KDS Computers, Inc.
Mc Glen
Mobile PC - Huge Savings on Quality Portables! IBM COMPAQ TOSHIBA DELL and others
MIS Associates Inc.
NetGrocer: Grocery Shopping Online
Next Generation Computers Online Super Store
Nikon Digital Imaging Repair Service
The Nikon Mall
PC Zone Home Page
PSISM Products Highlights: PCMCIA cards/readers, USB, firewire products, laptop, router memory, monster monitors, etc.
Ricoh On-line Store
Welcome to
State Street Direct
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
Terk Technologies: Outdoor TV Antenna Selector
Tibbetts Imports
U Save Gelt
U Save Gelt Vendor Information
ZDNet Shopper - Home Theater and Audio/Video / Car Stereo



AOL Computing's Webopedia - Welcome!
Computer Price Comparison and More -
Merchant Report Card: McGlen.Com - News / Homepage [Home] - Your Daily Source for the BEST Deals on the Net!
VoyForums: Notebook Review Forum
ZDNet: Reviews


DVD Home Theater- A Total Solution
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